September 2015

by Dudley aka Origin

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This track was made to document some of the struggles in public education in September 2015.


Kicking off the New year, standing up with no fear,
reformers got It wrong and to us it's so clear,
All types of battles for our schools across the nation,
Communities outraged at the situation,

In many different ways we stand up, can't stay quiet,
shout out to the dedication being shown in Dyett,
Almost a month later and there's still no resolution,
It's time they understand that closing school is no solution,

It's so bad in Seattle that the teachers have to strike,
with the parents on their side, all can see it's time to fight,
In New York they tell their Regents to stop the insanity,
While somehwere Jesse Turner's asking where is the humanity?

And then a telethon, Thinkitup give a donation,
But that supplemental money can not fix the devastation,
That's been done by harmful policies and years of deprivation,
In a place that shouldn't happen, public education,


released September 23, 2015
Written by: Dudley aka Origin
Production by: The Passion Hifi




Dudley aka Origin Albany, New York

I'm currently offering the "Highly Effective" CD in a name your price format for digital sales. I've prioritized getting the message out there and continuing the conversations around doing better for children and each other. I believe that the album has monetary value and I'd prefer to let you pay what it's worth to you. Thank you. ... more

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