October 2015

by Dudley aka Origin

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October 2015


I'm kicking off this update w/ Arne's resignation,
If you're wondering why there was no major celebration,
It's because John King is in and he's a charter school man,
Bad policy and blame are all part of his plan,

Go ahead and ask NYers about the way that he rules,
And what happened on his watch to the NY public schools,
He talks accountability and outwardly points blame,
If you're still hoping for a change it seems you've got more of the same,

In Philly students walked out 'cause they need to be heard,
What's been done through budget cuts, is completely absurd,
It's time to step up and prioritize the youth,
All that rhetoric means nothing when the funding tells the truth,

In Ohio and Wisconsin they're fighting to maintain,
public schools as public now doesn't that sound insane?
In LA they might lose 1/2 the students to the Broad Foundation,
Another step towards privatization across the nation,

And now Obama wants a reduction in tests,
they can still forward agendas with 1/2 a percent less,
Inner city schools will still close and face stress,
kids deserve our best and not less of the same mess!


released October 28, 2015
Dudley aka Origin
Beat by The Passion HiFi




Dudley aka Origin Albany, New York

I'm currently offering the "Highly Effective" CD in a name your price format for digital sales. I've prioritized getting the message out there and continuing the conversations around doing better for children and each other. I believe that the album has monetary value and I'd prefer to let you pay what it's worth to you. Thank you. ... more

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