January 2016

by Dudley aka Origin

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This is the January update.


They're sick of all these tests they're like opt out opt out
Sick of all this mess, they're like like opt out opt out
Get rid of all this stress, opt out opt out opt out opt out

I see it on my feed, opt out opt out,
They won't be deceived, opt out opt out,
These reforms we don't need, opt out opt out opt out opt out!

It's January 2016 and you should know
The opt out movement will continue to grow,
And it's spread from coast to coast just like some wild fire
It's time to stop this madness, that's what they desire,

More sickouts in Detroit, It's a call of distress,
Crumbling buildings exposed take a look at the mess,
And the students walked out too to stand up for their right,
to a quality education keep an eye on that fight,

In Atlanta public schools they fight a plan to turnaround,
They're shouting with conviction APS will not go down!
Friedrichs vs the CTA that's bad news,
If she wins the ripple effect means that many lose,

In Fort Worth the're giving more recess and it's successful,
Counter balancing the fact that school has gotten stressful,
In Louisiana, the super can't get it right,
So they've started a petition, replace John White!

In Compton students want trauma counseling too,
A right to equal education is the reason they've sued,
Alabama's solving shortages by lowering the bar,
No certification needed, keep this on your radar,

In a court in Nevada public school parents won,
An injunction has been granted but the fight is not done,
The National PTA won't opt out,
We know who their donors are, we see what they're about,

Chris Christie in NJ wants more, privatization,
Supporting smoke and mirrors not public education,
Indiana is a mess, ISTEP is worthless,
65 million dollars for what? a bad test?

In Chicago where the fight is far from over,
They now could be facing a state takeover,
And if the states over they'll void the contracts,
And students will lose please don't ignore facts,

In New York many received an erroneous score,
Another problem with system we don't need anymore!
The announcement has been made, this summer for all who fight,
July 8-10th in DC we unite!


released February 18, 2016
Production by: Passion HiFi




Dudley aka Origin Albany, New York

I'm currently offering the "Highly Effective" CD in a name your price format for digital sales. I've prioritized getting the message out there and continuing the conversations around doing better for children and each other. I believe that the album has monetary value and I'd prefer to let you pay what it's worth to you. Thank you. ... more

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