December 2015

by Dudley aka Origin

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This is the December update.


No child left behind, Every student succeeds
Sounding is nice means nothing when they fail to meet needs
In Detroit a bunch of teachers caught the ill Snyder Flu,
Sick of state takeovers and inequity too

Here's a little something that sounds out of the norm,
It's a group called Students for Education Reform,
Is it DFER behind it? You could Place your own bets,
But why would these students want more standardized tests?

What's up down in Florida, The kids were tested in Spring,
Have you figured out their scores or are you still determining?
Plus we see that BATS down there fed up with teaching to tests,
They want more focus on learning, plus time for arts and recess,

An injunction in New Mexico is halting bad policy,
It's temporary now, in April we'll all see,
In Massachusetts they want to stop the spread of charter schools,
They see through the smoke and mirrors my people are not fools,

In New York, the governor's no friend to education,
For the moment he's stopped tying tests to evaluations,
His task force got the message and made the recommendations,
So he made an about-face protecting future aspirations,

We see you in Annapolis with a grade-in protest,
Don't get it twisted it doesn't mean that they're pro-test,
In San Lorenzo parents pulled their kids out of schools,
When you're fighting for what's right sometimes you've got to break rules,

The people of Chicago will tell you it's past time,
For all that's been done, Rahm, it's time to resign,
We the kids in the halls to save librarians too,
It's been a mess under your watch, you know what you've got to do,

In Durham where their schools remain under attack,
They expose the the privatizers goals and use the truth to fight back,
St. Louis was called out for under funding and neglect,
Prioritize your public schools invest and show respect,

In Flint, they're getting poisoned by their water supply,
With levels of lead that are disgustingly high,
And the emergency manager has since moved along,
To Detroit Public Schools, Now doesn't that just seem wrong?

In 2015, the legacy, we fought back!
In 2015, the legacy, we fought back!
In 2015, the legacy, we fought back!
In 2016 we're going to fight back, FIGHT BACK!


released February 18, 2016
Production by: Passion Hi-Fi




Dudley aka Origin Albany, New York

I'm currently offering the "Highly Effective" CD in a name your price format for digital sales. I've prioritized getting the message out there and continuing the conversations around doing better for children and each other. I believe that the album has monetary value and I'd prefer to let you pay what it's worth to you. Thank you. ... more

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